Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Crossing

"When I'm at the pearly gates
This'll be on my videotape 
my videotape
When Mephistopholis is just beneath
And he's reaching up to grab me

This is one for the good days 
And I have it all here
In red blue green
Red blue green"
from "Videotape" by Radiohead

The photo above is the second image I made in my ongoing series featuring miniatures figures. A pretty determined looking man crossing through a field in the dark - I wanted to leave it up to the viewer to imagine where he might be headed.

When posting photos on Flickr I frequently pair them with song lyrics, poetry or prose. I'm very inspired by music and literature and like adding the extra narrative to photos. I've been a Radiohead fan since the early 90's and have enthusiastically followed the band through their sweeping changes. While I enjoy their most recent release in its entirety, "Videotape" is the track that sticks in my head. The simple yet haunting melody is enough to suck me in but it's the lyrics that really grab me. I've heard several interpretations of what the song might mean from the hopeful to the morose. I like to think it's about holding tight to the memory of a perfect day, the immeasurable value of that special person who keeps you balanced, and that holding onto that feeling can strip away our earthly fears, if only for a moment. "You are my centre when I spin away."

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